Exclusive Preview of WP Email Capture Premium

One of the benefits of being super awesome cool like me is the things I get to see and do before everyone else. Today I am playing with (cough.. ‘testing’) WP Email Capture Premium before it’s official launch. WP Email Capture is an e-mail subscription plugin for WordPress. Install it, activate, and watch as the… read more →

Maintain multiple sites with WP Remote

If, like me, you’re responsible for multiple installs of WordPress, you’ll know what a chore it can be to keep both WordPress and plugins up to date; just as you get one blog upgraded you log in to another and discover it has a different set of plugins that need updating too. Logging in to… read more →

Starting from Scratch – 3 Must Have Plugins

When I set up a new WordPress blog or website, which can be several times a week these days, there’s a short list of must have settings to configure, tweaks to make and plugins to install. Below are my top 3 ‘must have’ plugins for every WordPress install. WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk Although… read more →