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Amazing Mama / Midwifery Blog

I wasn’t originally going to post this link, and settled for sharing it privately with a couple of friends. However, after having spent several hours immersed in it this evening I can’t NOT share it: “Navelgazing Midwife” It’s not often I enjoy reading a blog…

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Cheeky Favour, Please

Can y’all do me a favour? If you’re still linking to either tutorialtastic or on your website(s), can you please update the links to point to GirlsWhoGeek? Hoping to push out a few updates over the next week and I want to maximise the…

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Some Little Tidbits

Firstly, CSSbake was very recently featured in a Smashing Magazine post on 40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns, which is a huge boost to CSSbake as a website and growing resource for webmasters. Huge congratulations to Ben, obviously, and to Melissa, who’ve both…

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Snark is Alive

Due to Jacky‘s inclination towards professionalism and all that jazz (and the best of luck to her, of course) our beloved Snark has moved to a new home… a new domain, a new host and a new admin – me :) If you’ve been waiting…

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