Amazing Mama / Midwifery Blog

I wasn’t originally going to post this link, and settled for sharing it privately with a couple of friends. However, after having spent several hours immersed in it this evening I can’t NOT share it: “Navelgazing Midwife” It’s not often I enjoy reading a blog as much as I have this one, particularly ones about… read more →

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Cheeky Favour, Please

Can y’all do me a favour? If you’re still linking to either tutorialtastic or on your website(s), can you please update the links to point to GirlsWhoGeek? Hoping to push out a few updates over the next week and I want to maximise the potential traffic to the new stuff. Of course, if you… read more →

End of an Era, a New Beginning

Tutorialtastic is closing today. Closing, gone. After 8 years of hardy service to you, the blogger, the developer, the web hobbyist. Don’t cry, my sweets, for where one door closes another duly opens… It has taken nearly THREE years to get to this point (albeit delayed due to pregnancy, sickness, babies, life, work, etc). Three… read more →

Everybody Needs a Little Snark

I want to take a minute or two to shamelessly plug Snark Forums. Firstly because Snark is 3 years old in March, and we’re having lots of fun activities — organised by the members — to celebrate: Snark does the Ickies, Snark Art Worm, 31 Featured Members and more (as of yet unannounced). And secondly,… read more →

Merry Christmas, Interwebs!

I just wanted to quickly post to wish you all a merry christmas 2009, may it be full of fun, frivolity and fat stuffed turkey. Unless you’re a vegetarian of course. I hope Santa brings you all what you asked for. On that note, I’ll end with… Twas the blog post before christmas, And throughout… read more →

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Some Little Tidbits

Firstly, CSSbake was very recently featured in a Smashing Magazine post on 40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns, which is a huge boost to CSSbake as a website and growing resource for webmasters. Huge congratulations to Ben, obviously, and to Melissa, who’ve both been putting in all the work lately to keep it… read more →

Snark is Alive

Due to Jacky‘s inclination towards professionalism and all that jazz (and the best of luck to her, of course) our beloved Snark has moved to a new home… a new domain, a new host and a new admin – me :) If you’ve been waiting for it to come back up, go post! If you… read more →

Nifty Gadget

is it going to rain? — find out the weather & temp. without having to battle with bloated (or go outside)… read more →

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