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Vote for Merlin

My mum has entered one of her cats into a competition being held by a UK supermarket to find the cutest cat. The winner will be awarded with a years supply of cat food. If you think this picture… …is as cute as we do,…

 |  Pets

Furry Friday: Catching Rays

Mimi mentioned on last week’s Furry Friday post that Hex doesn’t get enough posts, and focus seems to be on Fudge. This isn’t intentional, I do not have a favourite cat. There are two problems, however, with posting new Hex material… firstly, he refuses to…

 |  Pets

Furry Friday: Buckets

Hex and Fudge have multiple nicknames. Hex is also known as “Noodles” (Hexy Noodles) and Fudge as “Buckets” (Fudgey Buckets). The later, mostly to do with the fact that Fudge’s stomach is like a bucket… a bottomless pit. Case in point: Karl and I had…

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