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Memories of Doniford Bay

I was going through my photos from over the past few years to see what I can pluck out of my collection for display on my new subdomain (aha, patience my friends) when I came across this: Excuse the poor quality, the photo was never…

 |  Misc

Photo Friday: Technology

The photo: You are looking at quite possibly the most over-used photo in my entire ‘collection’. This photo has been used on a layout for almost every single one of my mini-sites, including tutorialtastic and currently: Karl’s Asylum. I have no idea why, but it…

 |  Misc

My Life, On a Bookshelf

I was in the bedroom thinking again last night (anyone spot a trend here?) and came to the conclusion that my bookcase, the one that Karl went out and bought in August, perfectly represents my life. How sad is that, eh? My life can be…

 |  Misc

Photo Friday: Pink

I really must take some new photos. Click the ‘preview’ photo for the bigger image. PS. If you saw a different photo originally, that’s ’cause I changed my mind about 3 minutes after posting the first photograph.

 |  Misc

Photo Friday: Best of 2005

The photo: A while ago I contemplated occasionally taking part in the Photo Friday weekly photo challenge but forgot about it, not giving it a second thought. This morning I decided to create a photo category for the blog and remembered about Photo Friday.. somewhat…

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