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 |  Fitness, Personal

My #whole30 journey

Unless something happens in the next few days, I’m on track for completing my first whole30. Notice the word first in there? Yeah, that’s because I’d consider doing this again. So what’s the deal? I thought you were fed up with it! I have been…

 |  Personal

The PMS Monster

For the first time in years (well, since 2008 if my archives are right!) I have spent the past week, give or take, absolutely crippled with horrific PMS symptoms. Uber cramps, lethargy, insomnia, bloating, stress, carb cravings, you name it: I’m suffering with it. But……

 |  Misc, Personal

Me and my Mooncup

Note: this is a girly-TMI entry. Please do not read if you are weak of heart or a squeamish boy type. Thanks. I’d originally heard of the mooncup a few years ago. I liked the sound of not having to pay out regularly for tampons,…

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