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 |  Parenting

10 months (nearly)

Oliver is 10 months old on Wednesday next week. 10 months since I ‘blackmailed’ the midwives into letting me birth at the local MLU. Still chuckle at that. We appear to be in 9 month sleep regression mode. He’s gone from easily settling down of…

 |  Parenting

Best Friends

When I was pregnant with Oliver, I was a little worried about how Isabel would take to a new sibling. She was – still is – very attached as a child and I thought that having to share me, especially after she weaned unexpectedly during…

 |  Parenting


I’ve been thinking about baby-proofing recently, as Oliver is showing signs of trying to crawl. @dark_eyed_white‘s tweet on a similar vein got me pondering on the subject again and inspired me to waffle a bit about ‘baby-proofing’. Thinking back, I remember not being too fussed…

 |  Parenting

That time again

Oliver is a few days off 6 months, which means at some point shortly he’s going to be introduced to the wonderful world of food. I’m in no hurry — I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve grown over 9kg of baby all by…

 |  Parenting, Personal


What is it about crying that makes it so hard to listen to? The sound? The knowledge that someone we love is in pain? I’ve heard far too much crying this week. One overtired, teething babe who won’t feed because his gums hurt, so he…

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