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 |  WTF

Wii Envy

My brother called me up at about 9:30pm Thursday evening to tell me he was in Tesco (local supermarket) and that he was queuing for a Wii. He was about 8th in line, they had 20 consoles to sell and he was offering to save…

 |  WTF

What the F..ork?

I pre-ordered the new Harvest Moon for Nindento DS (at the same time as the new Harvest Moon for the GameCube) months and months ago. I got an e-mail last week telling me that the DS part of the order was delayed. I have just…

 |  Misc

Splashing Out

I decided I should treat myself for getting a new job, and bought a pre-owned Nintendo DS today. It wasn’t a bad price, and the console is in reasonable condition (the case is a bit scuffed but the screens are top notch, which is what…

 |  Misc

Harvest Moon

I bought Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Gamecube. It is incredibly like that TV program from years ago where the guy and his missus give up their jobs to do things the old-fashioned way.. growing their own food etc. I’m sure it’s called…

 |  Interwebs

Nintendo64 ROMs

I’ve spent most of this evening so far, through the sniffing and sneezing, looking for Nintendo64 ROMs. The computer mag. that Karl & I buy pretty much every week (Micro Mart) had an article on Emulators which reminded me that I’ve been wanting to get…

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