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Potty ‘Training’ Update

Can it really be called potty ‘training’ if there’s no actual training? Or maybe the training part refers to Isabel training me into the next stage of parenting… I certainly feel like the past month has been the most confusing in the 2.5 years since…

 |  Parenting

Cloth Nappies: Day Three

The last day of my experiment (yesterday) was a resounding success. Isabel was in cloth (just ordinary terries) all day until bedtime; we went out to the park for a bit, went to the shop and no leakages. I’m really impressed with how well they…

 |  Parenting

Cloth Nappies: Day Two

Non-parenting readers will have to bear with me while I complete my experiment ;) Yesterday Izz spent most of the day in cloth, with no leakages! My mum picked me up late morning and we went to Boots to get some terries/pins/waterproof pants (until I…

 |  Parenting

Cloth Nappies: Day One

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and worked out how much we’ve spent on disposable nappies in 7 months. It turned out to be some ridiculously huge figure like £120. As Izz gets bigger and the size of the nappies get bigger, the…

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