Appearances can be deceptive, and other moving tales

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Having blogged back in February about jumping head first and putting an offer on a local property that we were not really ready to buy, we finally exchanged and completed on the 22nd. Excitement and trepidation had been building for some time, and with the… read full entry →

One month since…

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I jumped back into freelance I had this rough plan in my head: I was going to ease myself into freelance, taking the first two weeks gently to try and get rid of some of the symptoms of burnout that I’d been experiencing previously, and… read full entry →

The House, The Move, The DIY

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I’ll break this down a bit for those not interested in the minutiae of the past few days; you can skip to which bits interest you the most… Friday: Exchange and Complete The contracts were officially exchanged on the house Friday morning, we completed at… read full entry →

Resorting to Child Labour

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I’m so freakin’ knackered from all the moving malarkey that I’m resorting to child labour: But hey, at least she’s earning her keep ;D Move is progressing well, touch wood. We exchange contracts on Tuesday, and assuming the mortgage company get their arses in to… read full entry →

No News is Good News?

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I hope. We are no closer to getting the keys, or so it seems. Both Karl and I spoke to the solicitor last week and everything appears to be done on their side, they’re waiting on the seller’s solicitors. We’ve both emphasised the fact that… read full entry →

This Could All Go Horribly Wrong


Karl had a call from the estate agents/solicitors last week re: the house and they informed him that things are moving along swiftly and they expect us to be in by the end of the month. This month. May. Holy shit. But also, they said… read full entry →

The long post that I didn’t write last week

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I feel I should start this post with a series of finger exercises as I may be here a while. Anyway… Let’s start with the move. We picked up the keys on Friday 9th October. Although there’d been some discussion in the days previous about… read full entry →

Not Long to Go Now

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An appropriate title in more than one way… Firstly, we had confirmation this week that our applications for a different local property had gone through. We get the keys Friday 9th, and I’m hoping to be fully moved over that weekend. We’ll then have until… read full entry →