Don’t Understand Beggars

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like these people who use their blogs as a sleazy way to generate income — because I don’t understand them. I like to blog to rid myself of anxieties and pressure, for my own entertainment and ultimately because I have nothing better to do with my time.… read more →

You Get What You Pay For!

It’s funny, the last time I was looking to switch my host I was given the URL to several times — “because they’re the cheapest around!” Well, you certainly get what you bloody pay for, and I’m glad I went for the tiny-bit-more-expensive site5. Why? GoDaddy sucks. I’ve been helping a friend get her… read more →

NaNoWriMo 2005

I was going to take part in the 2005 National Novel Writing Month but dropped out a week into November after realising I had far too much on (what with job apps, etc.) and yet have still been receiving the NaNoWriMo e-mails: I’m too lazy to untick a box on the appropriate page. Anyway, I… read more →

Nostalgic Part 2

Even after you gals provided me with potential excuses yesterday, I still don’t understand the reasonings behind placing adverts on a personal site. For example — money.. if people can’t afford a domain or hosting in the first place, they shouldn’t be on the Internet. Why spend money you haven’t got, and then beg to… read more →


Anyhow.. am I just being nostalgic and old-fashioned when I question web advertising and banners on personal web pages? Four or so years ago when I was a newbie “designer” without a domain name, I’d have killed to have found free hosting without a banner, because everyone knew that the ultimate in web design was… read more →