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NaNoWriMo 2005

I was going to take part in the 2005 National Novel Writing Month but dropped out a week into November after realising I had far too much on (what with job apps, etc.) and yet have still been receiving the NaNoWriMo e-mails: I’m too lazy…

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Start of Something

Linda is selling I know it’s cynical of me but I can see this being the downfall of the whole thing. Not necessarily because of the change of ownership, but because it’s being advertised as a way to make money. I don’t (or rather…

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Nostalgic Part 2

Even after you gals provided me with potential excuses yesterday, I still don’t understand the reasonings behind placing adverts on a personal site. For example — money.. if people can’t afford a domain or hosting in the first place, they shouldn’t be on the Internet.…

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Anyhow.. am I just being nostalgic and old-fashioned when I question web advertising and banners on personal web pages? Four or so years ago when I was a newbie “designer” without a domain name, I’d have killed to have found free hosting without a banner,…

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