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WFLW: Tuna Pasta Salad

A cheap and cheerful classic that’s really quick to make. Today’s leftovers from last night contain pre-cooked cold pasta, tinned tuna, tinned sweetcorn (Green Giant Niblets are awesome straight from the tin), and some chopped steamed asparagus and courgette that needed using up. Eaten with…

 |  Recipe, Work

WFLW: Cheapo Beef Chilli

A few years ago I blogged asking you guys for lunch ideas and you duly supplied. I’ve decided to return the favour by doing a new blog series: “what’s for lunch Wednesdays”. Each Wednesday (or, when I remember) I’ll tell you what I’ve got for…

 |  Work

Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas?

I may be in a position soon whereby I’ll need to start preparing my lunch for work in advance, instead of nipping home and doing my lunch during my break. So, I need some lunch ideas. Ham/cheese sandwiches and cold tuna pasta salad is going…

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