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 |  Personal

I’m not allowed to feel

It’s only been 3 days and apparently the role of a single person — single parent — is to have one’s feelings dictated: I’m not allowed to feel what I want to feel. Oh you must be so sad I know you’re just hanging on…

 |  Personal

I am a single mum

I am a single mum. I am a single mum. I am a single mum. If I say it enough times, the reality might sink in. Karl and I split on Monday. I have to admit it seems pretty radical to make my May ‘me’…

 |  Personal, Work

I hate thinking up titles

If you’re a super duper smartypants you may remember that I recently alluded to some things happening here that would hopefully be the catalyst for a positive change in my daily routine. Yes indeedy, as of Monday (yesterday) Karl started working part time: that is,…

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