Moving on from emotional abuse (TW)

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Trigger warning: emotional abuse, link to/veiled references to sexual abuse One of the hardest parts about moving on from an emotionally abusive relationship has been recognising the impact that it has had on aspects of my personality and my own behaviour. I am regularly taken… read full entry →

20 signs your relationship is probably over

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It’s really quite easy to live day to day in a bad relationship because good people don’t like to think that other people — the people they love and are committed to — are anything but good too. But… If you need to ask permission… read full entry →

Protected: Oh, Mother’s Day

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Project £20k: Completed!

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Despite my best intentions, it was inevitable that raising £20,000 to buy my ex out of our joint mortgage was an optimistic endeavour at best. Right from the beginning I had to factor in a more realistic plan: remortgaging the house for the value of… read full entry →

I have no idea what I’m doing

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I have felt pretty good for the past week or so. I ended my 12 year relationship – it was the right thing to do. I started to take control of my finances and things – an annoying necessity. I started to plan how I… read full entry →

I’m not allowed to feel

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It’s only been 3 days and apparently the role of a single person — single parent — is to have one’s feelings dictated: I’m not allowed to feel what I want to feel. Oh you must be so sad I know you’re just hanging on… read full entry →

I am a single mum

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I am a single mum. I am a single mum. I am a single mum. If I say it enough times, the reality might sink in. Karl and I split on Monday. I have to admit it seems pretty radical to make my May ‘me’… read full entry →

I hate thinking up titles

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If you’re a super duper smartypants you may remember that I recently alluded to some things happening here that would hopefully be the catalyst for a positive change in my daily routine. Yes indeedy, as of Monday (yesterday) Karl started working part time: that is,… read full entry →

“My help, Daddy”

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“Fix its, Daddy!”

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Yesterday, Explained

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Where to bloody begin?! So it starts off completely unrelated to houses. I get a phone call at work, close to 4pm, from Karl. Sounds like he’s having a heart attack. Mumbles something about Isabel; my God the adrenaline shot through me. In that split… read full entry →

A Post About Karl

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I had no idea what to blog about but — not wanting to break my record and the run I’ve been having because of NaBloPoMoLoDoFo (or you know, whatever) — the girls at Snark (i.e. Rachael and Aisling) suggested I post about Karl. So, here… read full entry →