I got the judgey death stare from another mum in Tesco this morning. I can’t quite figure out if it was because Isabel was stropping, or if it was because I told her that if she didn’t stop stropping I was going to put her back in the trolley seat (Isabel, that is, not the… read more →


What is it about crying that makes it so hard to listen to? The sound? The knowledge that someone we love is in pain? I’ve heard far too much crying this week. One overtired, teething babe who won’t feed because his gums hurt, so he cries because he’s hungry which makes him tired which makes… read more →


I intended on taking part in NaBloPoMo this month. You can see how well that’s turning out for me. I am writing this whilst rocking side to side, in the hope that my little dude (fastened securely to my chest) will go to bloody sleep. Indeed, Oliver has gone from super easy laid back baby… read more →


Today I’m just going to ramble on about the ‘stuff’ that is going on here. First, though, thank you if you answered my question yesterday. Context: I had it in my head that my long-time readers had all but buggered off after I had the kids. It’s nice to see how many of you are… read more →

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Isabel has officially turned into a threenager. A little premature, given that she’s not 3 ’til November, but I can think of no other explanation for the epic strops we’ve had over the past fortnight. Last week we had the Worst Day Ever (oh so worthy of capitals) in which every SINGLE thing was a… read more →

Lego: the exception to the rule

With Isabel’s birthday approaching in the next few months I’ve been window-shopping for ideas for something cool, something that is going to ‘top’ Boris (last year’s gift). Looking at Tesco’s range of Lego sets it occurred to me that Lego & spin off brands are a brilliant exception to my no-plastic ‘toy snob‘ rules. Lego… read more →

The Toy Snob

I was writing a post on wooden toys for another blog I’m trying to get off the ground (got to find something to do with my excess time, ha) and it got me thinking about my ‘policy’ on toys. Since Isabel’s birth I have insisted (quite vocally, surprise surprise) on natural toys. Wooden blocks and… read more →


When I had Isabel, I found the first few months of her life completely overwhelming. I don’t know if it was the shock of dealing with a demanding newborn at all hours, the pain I was in from my many stitches, the 6 weeks of lochia or simply the realisation that I could no longer… read more →