Baby Isabel is Home

Isabel was born at 10:32 on November 14th weighing 7lbs 11oz. We came home last night, and she’s settling in nicely. Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post to say thank you for the massive response to her arrival. The cards, e-mails, facebook messages, tweets… it’s overwhelming! I’m still going through things in… read more →

Thank You Internet Peoples

Thank you all for the well wishes, congratulations, advice and support on my last entry, and via e-mail/twitter. I can see that my bastard child has some expectations to live up to. ;) For the record, I’m sure that — despite the heathen, unmarried environment into which we’re bringing this child (with lesbian grandparents no… read more →

I Told a Few White Lies

I have a small confession to make… I’ve been telling you all a few little porkies. I keep telling you all I’m sick — well, there’s no untruth in that — but I’ve fabricated as to why. There is no mystery sickness, there are no allergies, I’m not coming down with swine flu (hah). In… read more →