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Are You Satisfied?

Hah.. that was the question 1and1 asked me via e-mail this morning — because I sent a support request in they wanted me to tell them how great they are. I didn’t, for the first time ever… and my problem STILL ISN’T BLOODY SOLVED. :|…

 |  Work

Shitty Customer Service

I don’t think ‘net based companies realise how frickin’ irritating it is when they deliver really crap customer service (or in some cases, none at all!) When I’m dealing with a company for my own personal use it’s not such a big deal, but if…

 |  Interwebs

Surpass Hosting Users Beware

As most of you are aware, some issues were found with some of the CodeGrrl scripts late last year and an announcement was made with the necessary fixes. Unfortunately, despite these fixes being easily and freely available people still ignored the risks (despite hundreds being…

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Why Subdomain Hosting Is Bad

As I’m browsing around various personal websites and forums I see people offering up space on their domains for those who can’t/won’t buy ‘proper’ hosting for one reason or another, and every time I see these offers I cringe. I cringe at the naivety of…

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You Get What You Pay For!

It’s funny, the last time I was looking to switch my host I was given the URL to several times — “because they’re the cheapest around!” Well, you certainly get what you bloody pay for, and I’m glad I went for the tiny-bit-more-expensive site5.…

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