AMA: Comprehensive list of animals (cat pics yay)

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So, the first (proper) question in my recent ‘AMA’ was from Melissa, who asked: Can you provide a comprehensive list of all your animals with names + types + breeds? And also how you manage your litter box organization! ^_^ Now, there should be a… read full entry →

How is babby formed?

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You’d think at my age — and with two children — I’d know how babies are made. And yet despite pet-owning for some 15 years or more without incident we’ve had an oopsy-daisy surprise pet pregnancy here at Chez Jem. My famous guinea pig, Spot,… read full entry →

Monthly post to confirm not-deadness (and other exciting news)

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Not sure I made that blog title long enough? Anyway.. hi, here I am. Not dead. Which you probably already know because you all follow me on social media. Don’t you? Things have been a bit hectic lately. Last time I spoke to you I… read full entry →

Enter title here

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Feel like I should blog to record some of the stuff that’s been going on lately but I’m struggling to formulate intelligent sentences. Fall back to list format! I came home on October 22nd to find Flymo dead and Rosie missing. I can only guess… read full entry →

Another update in few words

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Dry for July ends in a few days and I CAN’T WAIT. I’m still “dry” / sober, but looking forward to having a drink with friends on Friday. I’ve made a few quid since embracing hypocrisy and appreciate those of you who sent support my… read full entry →

A General Update

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I’ve been so preoccupied with introspection & navel-gazing recently that I’ve completely failed to update you all on various Real Life happenings that don’t directly relate to me. Isabel recently had her ‘induction’ day things at the school she starts in September, which consisted of… read full entry →

Poorly Big Pig

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Several drafts in progress have been abandoned over the past week or so as I’ve been even busier than usual. Towards the end of last week we noticed that Big Pig (our oldest guinea pig) who has had a small patch of what looked like… read full entry →

How to care for 11 animals and not go crazy

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After Stephanie asked how we manage all the animals with everything else we’ve got on, and we recently doubled our guinea pig population, I thought it was probably a good time to write about how the hell we care for all these animals without going… read full entry →

Old MacDonald had a farm

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…and so do we, or it’s beginning to look a lot like that anyway! On Friday last week we trekked 40 minutes across the county to visit, and ultimately bring home, a pair of guinea pigs from Piggy Kingdom, a local(ish) guinea pig rescue. The… read full entry →

Furry Friday: Piggy Expedition

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The new flat has a kitchen with a door, which means we can shut it off from the cats and let the piggies get some exercise. So far, they’re absolutely loving it: In other furry news, we’ve finally started the cats on the litter kwitter… read full entry →

Furry Friday: O Hai

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Ginger pig wants to know what’s going on… “What you doin’?” (Note: tutorialtastic is still down because of a site5 cock-up. I hope to have it back up ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Furry Friday: Zippy the Pig

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Another guest Furry Friday this week, courtesy of my little sister’s female guinea pig “Zippy”. “Wheep wheep!”