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Tots100, Nofollow and Hypocrisy

This afternoon, I ended up on ‘Bloggers didn’t Come Down in the Last Shower‘, a post by blogger Sally deriding SEOs for their approach to bloggers, PR and paid links. Sally has a problem with PR/SEO types who disguise their intentions or outright lie about…

 |  Interwebs, WTF

Google is Watching You

Call me naive, but I’ve always been fairly blasé about online privacy. Aside from not publishing any photos showing my face, I take no real steps towards hiding my identity. You could probably find out my entire life history—including past addresses, education and employment details—with…

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The Woes of WordPress

Since converting back to WordPress I’ve been having some difficulties with my site. It’s not the fault of WordPress per se (I just liked the sound of the title) but rather my inefficient system, and my impatience. In my haste to get the live WP…

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