A General Update

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I’ve been so preoccupied with introspection & navel-gazing recently that I’ve completely failed to update you all on various Real Life happenings that don’t directly relate to me. Isabel recently had her ‘induction’ day things at the school she starts in September, which consisted of… read full entry →

Poorly Big Pig

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Several drafts in progress have been abandoned over the past week or so as I’ve been even busier than usual. Towards the end of last week we noticed that Big Pig (our oldest guinea pig) who has had a small patch of what looked like… read full entry →

Old MacDonald had a farm

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…and so do we, or it’s beginning to look a lot like that anyway! On Friday last week we trekked 40 minutes across the county to visit, and ultimately bring home, a pair of guinea pigs from Piggy Kingdom, a local(ish) guinea pig rescue. The… read full entry →

Furry Fun in the Sun

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Furry Friday: O Hai

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Ginger pig wants to know what’s going on… “What you doin’?” (Note: tutorialtastic is still down because of a site5 cock-up. I hope to have it back up ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.)