Genesis column shortcodes with custom classes

(tl;dr download .zip here) I, more often than not, roll out WordPress sites these days using Genesis as my framework of choice for theme development. It’s mostly because I’m lazy, and it does a bunch of stuff for me that I can’t be bothered to do myself (which gives me more time to focus on… read more →

the same but different

Eagle-eyed visitors will notice some slight changes here: the addition of a third column, changes to the footer, etc. I’ve converted my theme to run off the genesis framework (mostly for the power of the widgets and templates and all that crap). In theory it means easier maintenance in the future, and has taken about… read more →

Thoughts on the Genesis Framework

I’ve always been a little reluctant to use theme frameworks because learning other people’s code foibles often feels like a battle not worth fighting. However, as I’m now developing WordPress themes, plugins etc as a primary source of income, it made sense to bite the bullet and get on with it! I originally picked Genesis… read more →