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Currently Loving…

With recent posts over here all a bit glum and gloomy, I thought I’d make September (or what’s left of it..!) a bit more chipper, starting with the things I’m loving right now. String & Velvet’s Vintage Maxi Dress I absolutely adore Zara’s Vintage Maxi…

 |  Geek

Stardew Valley Hints & Tips

There are many ‘obvious’ elements to Stardew Valley that took me an incredibly long time to notice/learn. Hopefully by noting down some of the bits n bobs here, other players will catch on quicker (and other players can fill in gaps!) — Stardew Valley, drawing…

 |  Geek

30 years of Mario

As Mario — the world’s favourite plumber — turned 30 this week it seemed only right to give him an honourable mention on the blog. After all, it was Mario that got me hooked on gaming as a kid: playing the NES console whenever I…

 |  Misc

Premature Packing

After the last time Karl and I moved, I vowed not to leave the packing until the day before again. True to my word, I started packing things up at the weekend and did a little more today as I was off work with a…

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