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Feel like I should blog to record some of the stuff that’s been going on lately but I’m struggling to formulate intelligent sentences. Fall back to list format!

  • I came home on October 22nd to find Flymo dead and Rosie missing. I can only guess but I assume something managed to get into the garden. There was no visible marks on Flymo or signs of a scuffle but if he was shocked sufficiently it could have killed him.
  • On November 4th I got home to find that Little Pig had escaped his run and is also missing.
  • My foot is only just this week starting to feel any better, so I’ve now got a month to train for this half marathon I entered
  • I finally got my passport renewed, so I might be able to complete #5. See my Dad soon too
  • I took the train to Birmingham on Wednesday 5th to meet Dominic
  • On Thursday 6th November I went to London to audition for Eggheads with Gaz and his brothers; we should find out this week if we get in
  • I’ve made the decision to stop taking on further self-employment work as of next year. Despite the extra cash being a major help with the bills, the stress it’s causing me is insane.
  • I went back to the doctors on Monday to talk about the fact that I’m still angry a lot; that it comes and goes but is still there. That when I’m not angry I’m sad, really really sad. He tried to offer me anti-depressants and CBT but I want to exhaust every other possibility first. I’m trialling a new birth control pill, I’m spending more time with my babies where possible, I’m cutting back on the things that make my mental health suffer.
  • Gaz and I have been not-dating for 6 months as of this week ♥

Despite everything — the work, the stress, the foot injury, the mortgage, the monotony of the daily grind — I am still the happiest I have ever been and I need to hold on to that. Shit will improve, things will get better. One day at a time.

The Animal Shed

We recently bought two sheds: a 6×4″ for the tools and general garden crap, and an 8×6″ for the animal hutches. Or that was the general plan anyway.

After battling for an entire weekend to get the 8×6″ up (due to a combination of location, size and having to build it around 2 ‘helpful’ small children) we realised that the rabbit ‘hutch’ (which is actually a chicken coop) and guinea pig’s double hutch took up so much room in there that there wasn’t enough room to move round them or clear them out even though they were occupying the same space before the shed was constructed.

So we came up with a little plan. And I say ‘we’, but really it was someone else’s plan first and we were simply creatively inspired! :) The Animal Shed was born… (more…)

A bunny friend

It’s a fact that the vast majority of rabbits do better with a friend. From what I gather it’s because in the wild they live in large groups, and are very sociable with other bunnies. They like to groom each other, play, cuddle up to keep warm etc. All fairly typical stuff and something Flymo can’t do because he’s currently living on his own :(

Karl and I have been discussing getting a friend for Flymo and have decided to go ahead with it. We won’t need a bigger hutch or peripherals because we’ve got all that stuff already, so the only ongoing costs are food (negligible as our animals are on the grass most of the day) and vets bills – vaccinations, castration etc – that are accounted for in our savings. We could even save a little bit by getting a rescue bunny which would be spayed and vaccinated (donation costs usually work out less than total castration+vaxx costs).

Indeed, a rescue bunny is actually a better idea overall because then we can get one roughly the same age as Flymo and don’t have to worry as much about one dying before the other and we’d be giving a bunny in need a good home. However, therein lies a small problem: we appear to have very few rescue centres nearby and the one main RSPCA place has “not suitable for children under 5” listed on all their adverts (or in some cases, 7 or higher!)

I can understand that some animals are timid and are not suited to the boistrous behaviour of a toddler, and that some parents buy animals for their kids only for them to lose interest within a couple of weeks, but neither of those apply here. For starters, the animals are never left with the kids unsupervised and always have hiding places to go to when they’re out, and secondly the animals here aren’t FOR them (they play no part in cleaning them out etc at this stage.)

Hopefully we’ll be able to have a chat with the centre and get some flexibility on that rule, or otherwise we’ll have to look elsewhere. Either way, our zoo is about to increase in size again!

Small Furry Disaster

Anyone got any recipes for rabbit stew? Someone’s been a very bad rabbit.


After moving the rabbit and guinea pig hutches up to the gap at the back of the top lawn (I know this means nothing to you unless you’ve seen my garden) last month, we’ve been able to give Flymo access to the garden. The ‘dog leg’, our weird little sticky out bit of garden where I grow my veg, was secured using an old gate from the front and any gaps blocked with wood and concrete bits.

Or so we thought…

Turns out rabbits can dig holes much faster than we imagined. So when we went out for the day and came back to a large pile of mud by the gate and a rabbit-sized hole to the dog leg we were a little err… surprised? Surprise turned to mega annoyance when I realised that the little shit had not only dug a big hole but had hot-footed it down to my veg beds where laziness had meant that my tomatoes, beans, peas etc were only just shooting up. Tiny little rabbit-snack sized shoots. He has demolished everything bar my garlic, and dug big holes in the soil too.

Unfortunately as we weren’t expecting the rabbit to be in the dog leg we’d not secured it and so Flymo had got out. But, fortunately for Flymo, next door’s garden (where he’d escaped to) was secure on all sides apart from the tiny holes under the fence to our garden so he’d not managed to go far. Even luckier was the fact that next door and his dog had gone out so the garden was empty. We called Flymo a few times who then raced up next door’s garden and started lolloping up and down alongside the fence. One rescue later (including me in my PJs climbing through a partially dismantled fence with a cat carrier) and he’s back where he should be.

Lesson learned: no more unsupervised garden time until we can be sure the garden is 100% secure. Shame about the no home grown veg for me this year though :(

Furry Fun in the Sun

Flymo: Latest in Grass Cutting Technology