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Upgrading to Firefox4

I downloaded Firefox 4 yesterday (and apparently I’m not alone, Mozilla have already racked up over 7 million downloads at the time of writing) and have been genuinely impressed by a) the speed of opening from a cold start and b) improved page load time.…

 |  Geek

My Own Little Browser War

If you’d have asked me lately what browser I’m using, the answer would have varied on an almost daily basis. I’ve been trying to find THE perfect browser for me but each one has pissed me off in varying degrees of time… Firefox – my…

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Downgrading Firefox

While everyone is busy upgrading their WordPress, I spent this morning downgrading Firefox. As most of you will likely remember, I upgraded to Firefox 3 on download day and was “quite happy” with it. The excitement was fairly short-lived, unfortunately. I’ve been having problems with…

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Firefox 3 Download Day

It’s Firefox 3 Download Day today. It is effectively marketing hype and a viral campaign, although the less cynical among you may call it Mozilla’s attempt to create a world record. The idea being that after 3 years of development, the “new and improved” (oxymoron?)…

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Nifty Firefox Tips

I am probably the last person in the world to find out about this (a bit like Amber and my last post), but I was reading about some nifty Firefox shortcut tips today… open a new tab, type in just “jemjabella” in the address bar…

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