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 |  Review

Our Day Out in Birmingham

It was Karl’s birthday on Saturday (I won’t tell you how old he is because he might throw something at me) and because he is the most awkward person in the world to buy for, I didn’t buy him anything; instead we went for a…

 |  Parenting, Personal


I’m trying to crack on with some work but one of my servers is 503ing, which – as you can probably imagine – is not particularly conducive to “cracking on”, so as an interim measure I’ve just read Alison’s latest post Trying to be as…

 |  Budgeting

50 ways we save money

I was thinking the other morning (in the shower, again) about how we save money in so many ways every day… stuff that Karl & I have been doing for that long that we don’t think about it; thus it never makes a budgeting blog…

 |  Parenting

That time again

Oliver is a few days off 6 months, which means at some point shortly he’s going to be introduced to the wonderful world of food. I’m in no hurry — I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve grown over 9kg of baby all by…

 |  Parenting, Personal


What is it about crying that makes it so hard to listen to? The sound? The knowledge that someone we love is in pain? I’ve heard far too much crying this week. One overtired, teething babe who won’t feed because his gums hurt, so he…

 |  Parenting


Oliver is 4 weeks old on Wednesday. On one hand he’s slotted into our ‘routine’ so well that it feels like he’s been here forever, but on the other … holy cow, that means I only have 11 months of maternity leave left. Yes, I’m…

 |  Parenting

Little Holiday

We spent last week in North Wales in a posh central-heated caravan; our last holiday as just the 3 of us (although we went with Karl’s mum). Lovely to get away from the stress of work — don’t get me started — and housework etc.…

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