My PMDD is Under Control

For the uninitiated and new readers amongst you, PMDD is an extreme version of PMS/PMT. It can cause cyclical feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and even suicidal thoughts, as well as the physical symptoms typically associated with the menstrual cycle. It’s been over a year since I last talked about my PMDD. When I lost… read more →

Going Nuud

A review of nuud natural deodorant by a self-proclaimed ‘sweaty betty’ and follow-ups after suspicious lumps appeared in my armpits. Includes a statement from the nuud deodorant team.… read more →

Walking Malarkey

So, as the doctor prescribed I’ve been taking a brisk walk every day. Except, I have a confession… I’ve discovered that I am that bloody unfit that I am struggling to keep it brisk for over 5 minutes, let alone 15. I can only try and guess at how the hell I used to do… read more →