Probably stressed

Bit of a blogging hiatus here recently, although not intentionally. I’ve been struggling with my mood a lot recently, which I had mostly attributed to PMS but had also considered the possibility of a reaction to the reintroduction of alcohol after going dry for July. It all came to a head on Saturday night when I broke down sobbing on Gaz for the second time in a week and I realised something was amiss.

Having got to the point where I am struggling to motivate myself to drag my lazy arse out of bed in the morning, I saw my counsellor again yesterday. Turns out that my negative mood is probably neither PMS nor alcohol, but a little more complicated than that. As usual, talking things through and having them repeated back at me for an amazing amount of money that I can’t really afford gave me my moment of clarity and I know for definite what I need to do now. More on that at a later date, though.

In other (more cheerful) news, I have ticked off another item from my 30 things before I’m thirty list, having completed my first parkrun on Saturday 9th August with a time of exactly 29 minutes. I am really, really pleased that I managed a sub-30 minute 5k, although credit goes to Rachael who basically abused me around the course to keep me going ;) Now just to compete in a race to cross the other running goal off my list…

Dry July is OVER

…and I have 2 multipacks of Smirnoff Ice queued up to celebrate! :D

Another update in few words

Dry for July ends in a few days and I CAN’T WAIT. I’m still “dry” / sober, but looking forward to having a drink with friends on Friday.

I’ve made a few quid since embracing hypocrisy and appreciate those of you who sent support my way — thanks.

My recently re-added geek t-shirts page has shot up the SERPs so hopefully that’ll make me a little bit extra per month too. (Must finish adding my t-shirts…)

I contacted an IFA yesterday about how I move forward with buying Karl out of the mortgage.

Nibbles and Popcorn were recently rehomed with a lady I know from elsewhere on t’interwebs. Mixed feelings as I’m sad to see them go, but I know that reducing my stresses is for the best (and means the best possible homes for them).

And I’m still happy () ;)

Dry for July

I’ve decided: I’m giving up alcohol for July. I’m going dry for July. I’d like to claim the nifty title of this challenge as my own genius creativity, but the reality is I nicked it off Katy.

I wasn’t even going to join her in her goal at first (in fact I’m not even sure if she’s still doing it), especially as I have a camping thing with the kids at the end of July & I was going to use wine to get me through it.

However, I have gone from someone who only drinks around Christmas and New Year, avoiding alcohol altogether during pregnancy and the first 6-12 months of breastfeeding, to someone who thinks nothing of opening a 2nd or 3rd bottle of wine in a single night. I recently drank an entire bottle of wine in one evening and I’d not even noticed I’d until I got to the bottom of the bottle.

The liquid calories certainly won’t be helping my goals to become fitter / more toned, I dread to think what it’s doing to my liver, and honestly, given some of the drinkers I have in my family don’t want to go down that route long term.

I figure it’s about time.

ETA: Oooh Dry for July is a thing – if you’re in Australia, you can take part in a sponsored Dry for July.