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Review: Design by Treitner

I don’t review many sites these days because time and time again I am presented with the same shit. Someone’s blog with a regurgitated free WordPress theme, subtly modified enough to warrant removing the credit line but demonstrating no actual skill. Graphics/resource sites with MySpace…

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In Another Life

I think in another life, if I had the opportunity to go to school all over again, I would become a lawyer/solicitor or even a barrister of some sort. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thinking about a change of career. This isn’t a mid-life…

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BarbiLee Brings on the W-T-Fs

With the coming of 2008 I’m “celebrating” about 8-9 years on the Internet. In this time I’ve seen some pretty loony people. I’m sure the majority of you are familiar with Krystole, the Internet’s very own layout kleptomaniac? Yep, she’s a bloody loony. Some of…

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Now That IS a First

In all the years I’ve been helping people over the Internet, and that’s quite a few years.. longer than I’ve had my website in fact, I’ve often received little or no thanks from individuals. You know how it is, the stereotypical martyr act sort of…

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