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Someone Want To Fill Me In?

I’ve just got online — it’s 7:30pm — after having spent most of the afternoon in garden centre type places looking for plants for my front garden. It’s north-facing so shadowy and damp most of the time, which presented a bit of a problem (I’ve…

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Seen on a Forum

Backstory.. I’m being insulted, and called a boy (again) because I dared criticise’s shitty excuse for a website. A few people add their tuppence worth, some of which I’m saving for another day, and then… Person A: “I know! Jem thinks she’s a smart…

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Proper HTML Like Wot I Does

According to Millie, “Everyone needs to know the proper usage of basic HTML” and that includes <font face=”tahoma”> and <your text here</u>. And don’t forget to customise your blockquote elements with the following snippet: 00px; text-align: left; border-top: 0px dotted #; border-left: 2px solid #000000;…

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Come Answer My E-mails, Cranky

I found an entry at “” on Tutorials you don’t need – unless you’re an idiot (one of my old tutorialtastic tutorials is linked) and LOLed. It’s all true, except maybe: What shocks me the most is that the majority of the people who releases…

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I Even Annoy Porn Stars

Rhys posted a couple of months ago about the fact that he shares his name (sort of) with a porn star. I made a passing remark about her hair/boobs, both of which appeared fake. Turns out I was right: Hi just thought I would give…

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What the Hell?

I left a comment on an entry earlier at, re: “WordPress Security Tips”. Now, aside from the fact that the entire entry consists of tips ripped from other sites and balled into one, the first tip incorrectly states that by using $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] a person…

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