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I’ve been working on this during every spare moment since my Scrap or Save post… Unfortunately, what with Oliver’s ridiculous sleep habits of late and an abundance of work, spare moments have been few and far between. I’ve been snatching time which would otherwise be… read full entry →

Scrap or Save

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I have been a little frazzled recently, and in an attempt to get some ‘down time’ away from the screen was planning on doing a bit of crochet again. I say “a bit”, because as it stands I have never actually completed a project. In… read full entry →

The Cutest Booties

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Isabel has some cute little pink fabric booties that I bought from Marks and Spencers, they’re perfect for keeping her socks on and feet warm while we’re out and about and she’s in the wrap. However, as she’s growing at a rapid pace, I splurged… read full entry →

My Life, On a Bookshelf

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I was in the bedroom thinking again last night (anyone spot a trend here?) and came to the conclusion that my bookcase, the one that Karl went out and bought in August, perfectly represents my life. How sad is that, eh? My life can be… read full entry →

Crocheting Madness!


I’ve been crocheting basic blanket squares for as long as I can remember. My mum would start me off and I’d crochet and crochet. I stopped for a while when I discovered the Internet, and only recently picked up again; in an attempt to finish… read full entry →