I’ve been working on this during every spare moment since my Scrap or Save post

Unfortunately, what with Oliver’s ridiculous sleep habits of late and an abundance of work, spare moments have been few and far between. I’ve been snatching time which would otherwise be wasted: journeys in the car (when I’m a passenger!) and as 10 minutes downtime before I sleep at night (to ‘switch off’ after having spent all evening at the screen).

Still, I’m really quite pleased with it. It was a bit of an on-a-whim project; & I’ve only made a few mistakes which is nice :) It’s going to be for my bed, which is a super king, so quite a way to go before it’s finished…

Scrap or Save

I have been a little frazzled recently, and in an attempt to get some ‘down time’ away from the screen was planning on doing a bit of crochet again. I say “a bit”, because as it stands I have never actually completed a project. In the cot next to my bed (which is used to store clothes, lest you think I’ve given up co-sleeping) is a project I started for the birth of my nephew. My nephew turned 7 this year.

Anyway, I was going to take my hooks and wool on holiday with me at the weekend but unfortunately couldn’t find them before we were due to leave (note to self: do not ever again try to get all packing done in the space of 2 hours right before you leave whilst juggling a baby and a toddler).

On a hunch, I checked the wardrobe earlier and lo and behold, two boxes of yarn (acrylic) and my hooks, as well as various projects I’ve started from over the years. I am thinking about actually finishing a couple of these, but don’t know which to choose. So I’m handing over the decision to you guys… scrap or save? Pick your favourite two, I will endeavour to finish them at some point in the next millenium and might even photograph my progress.

Recycling Geek T-Shirts

Some of my geek t-shirt collection are in the region of 4 years old now, and as nature (and pregnancy) blessed me with an ever increasing chest size, they’re now fairly tight (bordering on obscene). I’d like to find some way to recycle them so I continue to get use and don’t have to worry about having wasted money (and I don’t mean by making dusters out of them).

Short of cutting off the sleeves and making a patchwork blanket, I’m at a loss as to what I could do with them. And, if I did decide to make a blanket, what’s the best way to do it? Any blanket crafters out there got suggestions?

Crocheting Madness!

I’ve been crocheting basic blanket squares for as long as I can remember. My mum would start me off and I’d crochet and crochet. I stopped for a while when I discovered the Internet, and only recently picked up again; in an attempt to finish a blanket I started that was supposed to be ready for Charlotte’s birth. Yeah, right.

Anyway, I couldn’t exactly call crocheting a hobby when all I can do is squares, so I decided to use the resources at my finger tips to teach me more. This is great, I’ve found a tutorial on creating a starting chain.. but what the hell does:

sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea of next 13 chs, ch 1 (to turn). (14 sc)

..mean? It’s on the Beginner’s Easy Single Crochet Scarf Free Pattern page. Even after translating the abbreviations as per the list, it doesn’t make much sense. I think I’m going to make this up as I go along and see how it works. *crossed fingers* Feel free to share tips..

Edit: Okay, I think I’ve got the stitches down alright, it’s basically the same as the squares only one stitch per loop thingy instead of three.. but it seems on ever ‘turn’ I’m losing a stitch — I started with 25 and I’m down to 19. What am I doing wrong?

Edit (14th Nov): I figured out where I was going wrong. At the end of each row, before the ‘turn’, it seems I was missing the final stitch because it wasn’t as obvious. Or something. Anyway, I started a new scarf and it’s going great so far. In fact, it’s almost half done after just a bit of work. That is, unless I decide to make it 10ft long, hehe..

Edit. Again: I finished! My scarf was somewhat cut short because I, in my infinite wisdom, started with a half used ball of wool. So it’s not much of a scarf, but groovy all the same.. and I love this wool, such gorgeous colours.

[img] my scarf