Genesis column shortcodes with custom classes

(tl;dr download .zip here) I, more often than not, roll out WordPress sites these days using Genesis as my framework of choice for theme development. It’s mostly because I’m lazy, and it does a bunch of stuff for me that I can’t be bothered to do myself (which gives me more time to focus on… read more →

How to: make the whole WordPress excerpt clickable

A client recently asked me to make the post excerpts in their blog page clickable. This seems like a reasonable request and the logical answer (if you know your WordPress basics) is to open the relevant template file (probably index.php or home.php in this case) and wrap the_excerpt(); in <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”.. (and so… read more →

‘Old Post’ Notice

On this blog I have around 10 years of archives. That’s a lot of posts from over the years that may not necessarily reflect the “me” in 2012. I didn’t want people to potentially get the wrong idea about me if they read an old post, but I didn’t want to delete them either: that… read more →

WordPress Child Pages Page… or something

OK, back to srs business posts now… One of my current top secret projects (it’s not that exciting, I’m just helping someone convert their site to WordPress) involves creating pages with a list of child pages on ’em. Back in ye olde days I’d have done this manually (which meant every time a child page… read more →

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Six

Functions are the lifeblood of PHP. You can’t do a lot without PHP’s built-in functions, and life would get very tedious very quickly if you weren’t able to define your own in a script. Let’s take, for example, one of my scripts: BellaBook. BellaBook is a flat file guestbook and so constantly writes to files.… read more →


Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Five

Back in Part Four of the Beginner’s Guide to PHP, we covered the basics of arrays, and the foreach construct which is used to iterate over arrays. Today, you get to learn about for(), woot for you. According to the PHP manual, for() loops are the most complex in PHP, so I’m hoping I can… read more →


Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Four

In Part Three of the Beginner’s Guide to PHP we learnt about the if construct (“statement”), and using it to check the value of some input. In this guide we’ll learn about two more constructs: foreach() and array() foreach Construct foreach — a type of loop, but we’ll cover that more in the future —… read more →


Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Three

I’ve had to restart this about 4 times now, because each time I decide to finish off, I get half way and somehow lose the file. I don’t know about l33t PHP Ninja; recently I’ve been l33t file loser. Anyway, quick recap: in Part Two of the PHP Beginners Guide I briefly covered the basic… read more →


Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Two

Let’s have a quick re-cap of what we covered in Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part One: there are different data types (string, integer, floating point number and boolean) and variables are created by simply assigning data to them. Simple enough? Well, now we’re going to take a look at mathematical operators and what we… read more →