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10 months (nearly)

Oliver is 10 months old on Wednesday next week. 10 months since I ‘blackmailed’ the midwives into letting me birth at the local MLU. Still chuckle at that. We appear to be in 9 month sleep regression mode. He’s gone from easily settling down of…

 |  Parenting


Nothing quite like being woken up by a sopping wet toddler at just gone 5am because of an epic nappy failure. We’ve been using close parent pop-ins (old style) with the dri-night booster overnight for some time, and had up until this point been full…

 |  Parenting

Thank F… for Co-Sleeping

Confession time: we co-sleep. Shock! Horror! Apparently this is going to cause me to roll onto and murder my child, yadda yadda yadda. It’s all accidental of course. I didn’t plan to co-sleep, and we didn’t start this way. Still, when you’re feeding a newborn…

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