Hex Goes Walkies

Karl and I took a trip to a local pet superstore today, and purchased one “cat harness”. I’m personally against the majority of cat collars and I hate strapping cats up, but as Hex lives in a first floor flat he doesn’t really have the means or opportunity to go out and explore. What’s more,… read more →

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Hex Ate My Homework

Not really, but I couldn’t think of a creative title for the random/mixed load of waffle that this entry is going to be. Firstly, I present you with Hex dressing up/playing LOLCAT: Created for your viewing pleasure by Aisling (x3) and Hanna (x1) Next, I can confirm that my course materials have arrived complete with… read more →

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Hex: One Week On

Yes, I have nothing of any interest to blog about so I’m filling the gap with some random kitty pictures. (Hands up if you predicted this’d happen!) If you saw my “Named the Kitty” side-post, you’ll know we named him Hex. For those that didn’t get it: it’s a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel reference, a… read more →

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My New Kitty

There’s a new addition to our little family… meet the as-of-yet unnamed (unless you count Karl calling him “Mofo”) sleeping ball of fur (AKA my new kitten): He’s noisy, and has a habit of licking everything, but is the cutest kitten in the whole damned world. Says me, right.… read more →

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So There We Go

My Mum mentioned to me this evening that I never did follow up my entry on the swans and she’s right. I realised that I’ve not followed up on any of my entries for months, barely discussing anything but superficial crap and the Internet. So here I am, telling you how things are with me…… read more →