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Reflecting on change

Just over a year ago today I blogged that a change is as good as a rest as I confirmed that I’d be taking on a part time role with a local agency in addition to running my own business. My logic felt sound: supplementing my own income while I expanded Ultimately Better so that […]

A change is as good as a rest

I have successfully rendered myself a liar this week. After calling myself “basically unemployable” back in 2018, I started a new part-time position with Source Design this week. Super stressed Jem who couldn’t possibly contemplate a 9-5 way back in 2018 is now super chilled out handling a senior dev position for one firm, managing […]

Happy Birthday Jemjabella!

On this date five years ago a wonderful miracle was born… ok, I’m somewhat over-exaggerating, but today is the fifth birthday of jemjabella.co.uk! With various sub-domains that have come and gone, three hackings, at least four different incarnations of what I wanted my domain to be and more past layouts than you can shake a […]