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Why I Track Macros (Instead of Calorie Counting)

Disclaimer: this post is specifically about my nutritional strategy and is not meant as dietary advice nor a recommendation for weight loss. Please treat your bodies with love and respect, and don’t assume that just because I’m a macro-knob forever doing experiments on my body that you should too. Weight loss is massively over-rated, take […]


Content warnings: sexual abuse, eating disorders, loss during pregnancy I wanted to create a witty or poignant title for this post, but nothing I came up with seemed adequate. So here we have it: Food. For many of us, our relationships with food are complicated. From birth what we put in our mouth is mired […]

My First Cut: The Write-Up

I officially finished my cut with Renaissance Periodization on Friday last week, ending it a few days short of the full 12 weeks (I had a weekend of gluttony planned). I ended the cut at roughly 143lbs, having started at 158lbs, giving a total of 15lbs loss. With an increase in all lifts except bench, and […]