Oh, hello February

Alright me duckies, how are we all? You may notice that things look a bit different. I’ve gone a bit old skool, drawing inspiration from some seriously old layouts of mine. Kudos if you have been around long enough to remember the originals. I’ve not finished faffing with it but it’ll do for now. Or… read more →

Oh tits.

Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any worse: Large crack in my windscreen, right across my line of vision. Replacement windscreen: £105 + VAT I still have that kidney for sale, if there’s any takers…… read more →


Running, Camping and Other Disasters Pt.2

Running Good news – the pelvic pain hasn’t made an appearance this week! I was a little worried I’d have to stop before I’ve even started but I think (hope) it was just a nod from the bits affected by SPD in pregnancy .. a “hello, so glad we’re being used again”!? I managed 2.5… read more →

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Running, Camping and Other Disasters

Running Turns out I still quite like running :D I’m not sure I’m any good at it mind you. Doc said start at 20 mins per day and work up, but I’ve only managed to crack 10 minutes in my 2 runs so far this week (#3 tonight all being well). I don’t know whether… read more →

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What a bloody morning

Had only been in work 5 minutes when Karl calls to say that Isabel has been sick and nursery want us to pick her up. Spend 20 minutes trying to get hold of a) my boss, b) a client I was supposed to meeting at 10:30, c) Karl to arrange for me to go home… read more →