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Reflecting on change

Just over a year ago today I blogged that a change is as good as a rest as I confirmed that I’d be taking on a part time role with a local agency in addition to running my own business. My logic felt sound: supplementing my own income while I expanded Ultimately Better so that […]

Deja vu part two

In my previous post, in which I announced the separation from my husband and likely impending doom of trying to buy him out of the mortgage, I joked that I might have to do Project £20k again. I probably shouldn’t have tempted fate, because as it turns out that this is the number that Gaz […]

The highs and lows of my first ‘proper’ hire

I made my first “proper” hire at Ultimately Better last month. Well, proper in the sense that I wasn’t just offering a salaried position to a long-standing freelancer; proper in the sense that I had to write a job spec, advertise, interview and make Big Important Decisions. I find the whole process of hiring someone […]

2019: A Year of Grown Up Business Decisions

Each year I try to make small improvements to my life, my work, my fitness, my well-being etc. Small incremental improvements are much easier to maintain in the long term than large overhauls (although I’m no stranger to those either!) 2019 has been mostly about making grown up decisions to improve my financial standing & […]

6 things you should be doing with your business website

1. Phone number on every page I know it can seem intimidating to list a phone number on your website when you’re a work at home parent, but many suppliers and customers prefer to talk rather than e-mail, even in this day and age. One of my favourite clients — whose WordPress website I maintain […]

Your Website is Letting You Down

With Karl and I in the process of moving house, I have decided to indulge a little in one of my few obsessions: clocks. Since I was younger I have had this unexplainable need to know the time, and to have access to an accurate timepiece. I check my watch even if I already know […]

Irony or Just Hypocrisy?

Three times over the last month (that’s four weeks, not since the 1st of June) I’ve received envelopes from my bank absolutely stuffed with various adverts for loans, a variety of different accounts, online banking, etc. This is all printed on very shiny/glossy paper, which I believe (but could be wrong about) is not recyclable […]