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 |  Misc

Summer Reading Challenge

I’m taking part in the Transworld Dan Brown Summer Reading Challenge! Between the Lines (Transworld Publishers) are having a summer reading challenge which should give me the opportunity to read and review some books for free! (My favourite price.) I’ve picked the following four (the…

 |  Misc

More Books for Sale

All books in excellent condition unless otherwise specified. Postage varies by weight of book but should be no more than £2.50 p/book. Will ship to UK and Europe. I’ll undercut the market ‘new’/’like new’ price on Amazon for each book by £2, or if damaged…

 |  Parenting

The Politics of Parenting

Gina Ford — so-called “parenting guru” — has lashed out at UK Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg after he hit out at her parenting manual. Ford, an unqualified former maternity nurse questioned Clegg’s maturity (ironic, given her lawsuit against mumsnet after mums shared a…

 |  Misc

Tech Books for Sale

I am trying to clear some space pre-move/pre-baby, as well as making a bit of extra money to put aside for emergencies and so was hoping to sell a few books on Amazon. Unfortunately they require you to have a UK credit card, which I…

 |  Misc, Work

Day 1 of Week Off

Have this week off — my first since Christmas — and guess what I did? Nothing. Nothing at all. I played a couple hours of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and read Equal Rites (Pratchett) again but otherwise did nothing to tackle my backlog of e-mail, the…

 |  Pets

On Cat Books and Tom Cox

Karl’s mum bought me a cat book for Christmas. The Cat Who Came in from the Cold by Deric Longden, to be precise. I must admit, I started it with a little trepidation. Just because I like cats does not automatically mean I like everything…

 |  Interwebs

Buy Books for Australia

SitePoint (the cool people who make books and write articles and things) are giving away 5 of their books in PDF form for the price of 1. That’s $149.75 worth of books for just $29.95 (about 20 quid). As if this wasn’t a groovy enough…

 |  Misc

Premature Packing

After the last time Karl and I moved, I vowed not to leave the packing until the day before again. True to my word, I started packing things up at the weekend and did a little more today as I was off work with a…

 |  Misc

Help! Looking For a Book

When I was in school, approx. aged 14, I read a book. No, you sarcastic buggers, that wasn’t the last time I read a book, before you suggest it. :P It was a book about these people who’d developed a way of going back in…

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