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Breastfeeding Stories winner

Congratulations to Nathalie T., you are the winner of the ‘Breastfeeding: Stories to Inspire and Inform’ book. You won by following @Lonely_Scribe on twitter. Want to win something cool too? Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway of a family ticket to the LEGOLAND® Discovery…

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Breastfeeding: Stories to Inspire and Inform

This week (24th-30th June) is National Breastfeeding Week. The aim of NBW is to raise awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding, increase social acceptance and promote support for breastfeeding. This week also sees the publication of Breastfeeding: Stories to Inspire and Inform; a collection…

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Hungry? Cookbook Winner

The results for The Great Hungry? Cookbook Giveaway are in… 30 people entered, with 70 entries in total (tweets, comments, likes etc). Out of 70, gives me a number of: …which gives the winner: Jennifer! The girl with the most entries, heh. Just goes…

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At the end of last month I decided to try a meal-plan month. Plan your family meals for a set timespan, buy the necessary foods and don’t waste money on food that won’t get eaten because you’ve changed your mind when you get home from…

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I’m not really the sort of person who lives her life by books of any sort (unless you count Pratchett’s Discworld series?) but have been reading a few lately that have had me pondering life, the universe, everything… I bought How To Win Friends And…

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