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Found an interesting, mature blog today through Daz: nektros – Cynicism in a Hot Dish. The author, Yvonne, has a witty outlook on things happening around the blogosphere and expresses her thoughts well. I am pleased by this because it’s been ages since I found a good blog that I’ve not read before. It’s rare… read more →

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exhausted :x

It’s funny: one of the reasons I quit my old job was because it was leaving me mentally drained, exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. I stopped blogging because all I wanted to do was rant about certain people making things very awkward. Now I’ve got my new job I come home… read more →

Blogging About Work

What with the recent increase in dooce-ing and an article in this weeks Micro Mart about “the perils of blogging” it got me thinking about how many of my readers write about work, and how many would be willing to give up their blog or lose their job, should the situation arise. Personally, I’m quite… read more →

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Blogging Lessons?

I had to prepare one of the IT rooms at work earlier — make sure everything is working, plugged in (unplugging the network cables seems to be a hobby of some of the kids), clean up sweetie wrappers, etc. Did it in about 20 minutes and then went to speak to the Head of Science.… read more →

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Frickin’ BE Browsing

I’ve been browsing around using BlogExplosion for the past 20 minutes or so, waiting for Karl to finish work. It’s ideal for moments like this when I’m bored out of my skull but can’t be arsed to do anything constructive like script writing.. only, there’s one big problem. I find an interesting blog, think of… read more →

Job Interviews, etc.

I’ve actually been putting off blogging for the past week or so because everything I’ve want to write about has been job-orientated, and I didn’t want to go and get myself dooced before I’ve even been given the job. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that I had two interviews for new jobs all… read more →

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