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Two Fingers to PPPers

This month, Google has finally given word on the recent controversy regarding the dropping of PageRank amongst those who sell links. As well as an update on the official Google blog, Matt Cutts (that guy who works for Google) has composed an interesting and informative…

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I Bloody Did It!

Yes, I did it. It’s November 30th and I have posted every single day. I am so proud of myself, which is kind of stupid because it’s only a blog for crying out loud. :S Nonetheless, I am glad that I did it, It’s taught…

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NaBloPoMo is for Nutters

I’ve decided to ‘unofficially’ take part in NaBloPoMo. When I say unofficially, I mean I don’t intend to sign up to the site or any special communities. This is for two reasons: 1) because that sort of social-networking and distraction is unwanted contact with other…

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Blogging Makes Me Learn

Rhys posted today about the things that he’s yet to achieve as a blogger, which in turn got me thinking about the things I have achieved as a blogger slash site owner slash developer (why the hell am I typing out “slash”?!) Although getting free…

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Blogging For Cash

When people talk to me about blogging and maintaining websites for the sake of earning money, they tend to walk away with the impression that I am against the use of this delicious medium that we call the Internet as a financial aid. The only…

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Notify Me? NO!

What the hell is it with the sudden burst of people using the comment subscription tick box (plugin?) with WordPress? Is it really that prosperous for a website owner to have it automatically ticked? Does it benefit anyone? Do I care what other people are…

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Happy Birthday Jemjabella!

On this date five years ago a wonderful miracle was born… ok, I’m somewhat over-exaggerating, but today is the fifth birthday of! With various sub-domains that have come and gone, three hackings, at least four different incarnations of what I wanted my domain to…

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Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Not because I don’t enjoy it or because I want to give it up, but because 95% of my entries are complete bollocks, 3% are only relevant to those with ‘specialist’ interests (and I’m sure half of you are…

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