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Where Did Everyone Go?

I’ve been an avid blog reader for years. As long as I’ve had my own… possibly longer. I read a huge variety of topics, too. From personal blogs (or “journals”) to tech/gadget stuff, marketing, SEO and code to cooking and cats (but not cooking cats).…

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Stephanie Told Me To

Stephanie told me that I have to blog. But, I don’t really have anything to blog about. Work continues at a reasonable pace bug-fixing and improving BellaBlocks, I’m still mid-way through implementing some code Mat worked on for me, and I’m still all out of…

 |  WTF

Total Bollocks

I started to write an entry about an hour ago. I then got sidetracked trying to advise people in the quilting bee IRC, came back to finish it off and upon pressing submit, was presented with a login screen. My fucking session expired. Why the…

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My Blog Resolutions

Now that you’ve read every man and his dog’s post on new years resolutions, including my ramble on my efficiency drive for 2009 (already going well, I might add) I thought it appropriate to talk about the resolutions my blog/website will be making. Yes, a…

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You’ll Lose Your Readers!

I have just finished reading an article on Coding Horror about free software: We Don’t Use Software That Costs Money Here. Although the post itself is interesting and raises questions about what makes software worth paying for and why a person would use sub-standard free…

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Blog Comments Pet Peeve

I’ve noticed something recently, and it’s started to really bug me: more and more people are removing the date/time from comments on their entries. It doesn’t sound like a major offence, and up until the past few weeks it didn’t even cross my mind as…

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The 2008 Bloggies

Every year I hear about The Bloggies, but it’s usually about 3 months after the awards have been given out. Who’d have thought someone so “up” on the blog scene could miss such an important event? (Who am I kidding, I know more about rocket…

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