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I Need Guest Posters

Yes indeedy, I need guest posters. I have a multitude of projects which I’m desperately trying to get off the ground but don’t want to launch as empty websites; I also have a couple I want to boost with traffic before I go back to…

 |  Interwebs

Favourite Layouts in July

After posting about my favourite layouts in June I figured this is something I could keep doing! And so here we are, my favourite layouts this month… Rainbow Stuff Ashley has added a personal touch with her cartoon representations of herself, husband (I think!), and…

 |  Updates

OMG Ninjas in my Layout!

So, here it is, finally all coded up and polished and pretty. My shiny new layout, which is totally awesome and 99% down to Ms Bloody Awesome Lilian. Yes, I have given her new names. I say 99% because I tweaked the titles and made…

 |  Interwebs

Favourite Layouts in June

Towards the end of 2009 it seemed like I was seeing the same premade WordPress themes over and over and over again. Bloggers were too bored / busy to create something fresh and new? Who knows. It was pants, though (from a visitor perspective) and…

 |  Geek

Favourite Habari Plugins

One of my favourite things about Habari is the fact that it’s super lightweight (unlike WordPress which ultimately serves hundreds of bytes of old code that powers functionality I don’t use). As such, anything beyond the basic blog — write, read, comment — requires a…

 |  Misc

Betraying Myself

I’ve had something to blog about several days in a row since new year, and each time I’ve decided against publishing because at the back of my head is a little voice telling me “some readers won’t like that”. And so I delete my entry…

 |  Geek

I’ve Converted to Habari

I recently asked for recommendations for a blogging script through .net forum to fulfil the requests of those wanting something more professional than FanUpdate, but without the relative bloat of WordPress. @otherniceman was kind enough to point me in the direction of Habari and not…

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