5 reasons to go self-hosted with your blog

If you weren’t convinced by my 5 reasons NOT to go self-hosted with your blog post, or indeed need a little shove to the world of self-hosting, here are my 5 reasons to go self-hosted with your blog: 1. Your service provider is unlikely to just close, taking down your data Although I’m not suggesting… read more →

5 reasons NOT to go self-hosted with your blog

I’ve seen a lot of fuss over the past month or so about (parent) bloggers who ‘have’ to go from a WordPress.com or Blogger account to a self-hosted blog. As a web developer, it’s obviously in my best interest for there to be lots of self-hosted blogs and sites out there because ultimately it means… read more →

Identity Crisis

I’m having a blog identity crisis. My blog turned 11 years old at the end of last month. Eleven years of writing, recording, growing, maturing – some of it is lost but the majority of which is here for everyone to see, read, judge. Instead of making plans to celebrate the occasion I’ve been making… read more →

Random Question

To lurkers and non-lurkers alike… how long have you been reading my blog, roughly? Just being extraordinarily nosy :)… read more →

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‘Old Post’ Notice

On this blog I have around 10 years of archives. That’s a lot of posts from over the years that may not necessarily reflect the “me” in 2012. I didn’t want people to potentially get the wrong idea about me if they read an old post, but I didn’t want to delete them either: that… read more →

Tots100, Nofollow and Hypocrisy

This afternoon, I ended up on ‘Bloggers didn’t Come Down in the Last Shower‘, a post by blogger Sally deriding SEOs for their approach to bloggers, PR and paid links. Sally has a problem with PR/SEO types who disguise their intentions or outright lie about the potential damage to blogger’s search engine rankings caused by… read more →

Why are Mummy Blogs so Ugly?

I know, it’s true, I probably announced at one stage that I’d never read ‘proper’ mummy blogs (or blogs written by mums, whichever way you look at it). I also said I’d never talk about poo, and look how that turned out. Here is my confession: I, queen of the hypocrites, am a champion “mom… read more →

Where did all these posts come from?

I’ve done some thinking, and have decided that for now I am going to say ‘stuff you’ to anyone who wants to try and dig up shit / stalk me. As such I’ve imported the posts I created whilst I was “away”; nothing exciting but may flood your RSS feed (for which I apologise). So,… read more →

Going Back to Well Hung Meat

Some of you may remember that at the end of November I wrote an entry expressing disappointment with the organic meat box delivery company Well Hung Meat. Within a couple of days of writing the post, Adam from The Well Hung Meat Company got in touch via the comments and passed on his apologies for… read more →