Children’s birthday parties are exhausting

That’s it. The milestone I was dreading has come and gone. We have a lot of ‘seven’ left to go, but that initial mountain has been climbed and conquered. Not made any easier by the organisation of the birthday party, because some bright spark thought that’d be a great idea. For some reason, when I… read more →

Recipe: Eton Mess Cake

Yesterday was Gaz‘s birthday and in true birthday tradition (AKA any excuse for cake) I decided to bake, with the “help” of the kids. Normally for this sort of occasion I would find a recipe weeks in advance and fail attempt to make something spectacular. However, with work and kids to contend with, time was… read more →

Birthday, Budgeting and Business

Oliver turned 1 last week, and Karl and I took a week off work each to celebrate. We didn’t do much, just spending time together, in the garden, that sort of thing. Had a birthday BBQ with family this weekend to celebrate and managed to spend half the day on the loo and the other… read more →

Rainbow Sock Monkey

I’ve been struggling to think of something to buy for Oliver’s birthday present. What do you buy for the boy who already has it all (by way of a sister with a large quantity of toys, books etc). I’ve asked relatives who enquired to buy him clothes (in size age 2-3, ha!) but have been… read more →

Chillin’ out relaxin, filofaxin’

Karl bought me a steam mop for my birthday. I like to lead with that line because for some reason it shocks people. “He bought you WHAT?” But it’s ok, because he also bought me a Filofax, which is funny because I was looking at them myself before Christmas. Which means he’s either been flipping… read more →

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Lego: the exception to the rule

With Isabel’s birthday approaching in the next few months I’ve been window-shopping for ideas for something cool, something that is going to ‘top’ Boris (last year’s gift). Looking at Tesco’s range of Lego sets it occurred to me that Lego & spin off brands are a brilliant exception to my no-plastic ‘toy snob‘ rules. Lego… read more →

Feeling Better

It’s amazing the good a decent night’s kip can do. Feeling much better this morning, much less emo. I’m flying through work stuff and none of the home stuff is worth making myself ill over, so I just need to take it steady and get through it one bit at a time. On an unrelated… read more →

Happy Sappy Birthday to Me!

Just wanted to thank everyone who e-mailed, texted, tweeted and facebooked me birthday messages, as well as those who left messages on Snark with cute cake piccies in. My mum bought me a giant french fancy cake with over 3600 calories in, and Karl bought me a lovely bunch of flowers. Lovely jubbly!… read more →

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