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Thoughts on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I’ve not played Animal Crossing since Let’s Go to the City (also known as City Folk) on the Wii (2008) — missing New Leaf on the 3DS and the mobile versions — so may be a little bit behind on what the series has to offer, but based on the games I have played from […]

Tales from Lockdown

Due to the ongoing coronavirus / COVID19 crisis, we’ve now been isolating (“social distancing” on crack) for two weeks. Slightly longer than Joe Public because my ex is high risk and we wanted to reduce the risk of the kids passing anything on. After the initial week where negative thoughts and an absence of a) […]

Earning Bells in Animal Crossing

Bells are the in game currency for the various Animal Crossing games. They’re used to buy items for your house, clothing for your little character and somewhat more importantly, pay off your mortgage so that you get can get a bigger house! This guide was originally written as a top ten list of ways to […]