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As you may have figured out from my sporadic blogging of late, I’ve been a wee bit busy. Cramming in ALL THE WORK before Christmas so that I can have a proper holiday; trying to get kids in the right place at the right time…

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Repeated Amazon Problems

Has anyone else been having problems with Amazon lately? I did a lot of my Christmas stuff online thanks to the Amazon Prime trial. Free next day delivery is a bonus in anyone’s eyes! Anyway, when I did some seriously last minute shopping 3 days…

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Amazon Prime Trial

Those of you doing their Christmas shopping online might be interested to know that Amazon are offering a free month trial of their Prime delivery thingy. I got £8 delivery for nothing today. (Just remember to cancel it before they charge your card next month!)

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BellaBiblio Amazon Ajax Bug

There’s a problem with the Ajax book finder in the current version of BellaBiblio, caused by an update on Amazon’s side of things. There is a patch which was sent over to me by Mat earlier today for those running PHP5 only, but because I’m…

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