Another update in few words

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Dry for July ends in a few days and I CAN’T WAIT. I’m still “dry” / sober, but looking forward to having a drink with friends on Friday. I’ve made a few quid since embracing hypocrisy and appreciate those of you who sent support my… read full entry →

Embracing Hypocrisy

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Despite having moaned at length over the past 10 years about advertising on personal blogs, the rise (and fall) of “Pay Per Post” and networks of that ilk, I took the decision this morning to drop an adsense advert on my blog sidebar. I am… read full entry →

Why are people idolising this picture?

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I have seen this picture doing the rounds on Facebook recently, mostly among parents who hail it as the right kind of thinking, not sexist, none of this “boys is blue, girls is pink” crap (which ironically LEGO embrace these days, sigh): Now, don’t get… read full entry →

Why I Still Hate Mommy Bloggers

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I hate mommy bloggers. There, I said it. I think now I’m a mommy / mummy / mom / mum / mama (delete as appropriate) it’s probably inappropriate for me to comment on the phenomena that is ‘mommy blogging’ (and I use the American term… read full entry →

Sneaky Tactics: Making Adverts Look Like the Browser Part 2

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In 2008 I blogged about a site displaying adverts disguised as browser-style yellow bars and the risks associated with this shady tactic (especially if something a little more sinister than an advert were linked!) Clearly nothing has changed in the past 2 years, because it’s… read full entry →

How to Make Money Off Gullible Fools

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I’ve just been checking my Facebook activity feed and noticed a friend who’d “Like”ed a page called “This Formspring Question led to the SUICIDE of a 15-year-old girl”. It’s one of those annoying “click Like to see the content!” pages, which makes use of CSS… read full entry →

Creative Advertising

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I have to admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for a creative advert. I swear I’m more likely to buy a product if I see an advert that tickles my funny bone than I am if I see an informative or factual one… read full entry →

Don’t Understand Beggars

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like these people who use their blogs as a sleazy way to generate income — because I don’t understand them. I like to blog to rid myself of anxieties and pressure, for my own entertainment and ultimately… read full entry →