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The highs and lows of my first ‘proper’ hire

I made my first “proper” hire at Ultimately Better last month. Well, proper in the sense that I wasn’t just offering a salaried position to a long-standing freelancer; proper in the sense that I had to write a job spec, advertise, interview and make Big Important Decisions. I find the whole process of hiring someone […]

40TBIF: I completed number 5!

After posting in April about me undertaking a new “40 things before I’m forty” challenge, I’ve finally got started on the list, ticking off number 5 – Compete in a powerlifting competition – at the weekend. After multiple setbacks over the past 4-5 years I was finally able to take part in a ‘Quiet Focus’ […]

Because I’m only getting older

Long term readers might recall that in the years before my 30th birthday, I set myself a list of “30 things to do before I’m thirty“; challenges and personal milestones I wanted to hit before I reached 30 years old. Within months of turning 30, I started writing a similar set of goals and monster […]