NinjaLinks is a web directory script designed to help you organise lists of links in categories and sub-categories. It utilises PHP, and MySQL. NinjaLinks is easy to edit, full-featured and secure.

Please note: the current version of NinjaLinks was designed for PHP5, and hasn’t been updated since 2016. Although I’ve recently done a fresh security audit on the code and found no obvious issues, most (decent) hosts are now running on PHP7 and this will fail to run. I’ll try and release a new version some time in 2021.

The PHP7 fork of NinjaLinks available via Robotess mangles the spam ‘karma’ protection and I don’t advise using it if you have problems with spam submissions.

Download PHP5 directory script

Installing NinjaLinks

  1. Once the script has downloaded — it shouldn’t take long — extract the files using the built in Windows zip tool, WinZip, or your favourite archiving software. After extraction, you’ll want to rename the folder included in the zip to something like “directory”, “dir” or “listing” as this will be part of your final URL (unless you’re uploading it to your root/main directory).
  2. Create a database.
  3. Open config.php and customise the options carefully. The options you choose must remain inside the quotation marks. E.g. if you want your username to be jimbo, you’d change $opt['username'] = "admin"; to: $opt['username'] = "jimbo";. Don’t forget to add your database connection details.
  4. Upload all files and directories to your website.
  5. Open the directory you’ve uploaded the files to in your browser and start the install process from install.php — e.g.
  6. When prompted, delete install.php; you can now use the script.

NinjaLinks Features

  • complete category management
  • link management including pending links
  • allows optional link buttons with submitted links
  • allows optional link description
  • tree like system allows viewing by category
  • optional notification emails for link owners
  • pagination of links in admin panel and public directory
  • secure button uploads
  • spam protection and data validation to prevent malicious input
  • contact form
  • optional nofollow attribute for links
  • hits out counter
  • update form for users to manage own links