BellaBlocks is based on the popular “Guestblock” script. Guestblock, invented by Matt of is a type of guestbook script that allows users to build towers using small pixeled “blocks”. Unfortunately, development for guestblock was stopped a few years ago. BellaBlocks aims to pick up where Guestblock left off.


BellaBlocks Features

  • Spam word checks
  • Known spam-bot blocking
  • Basic flood control
  • Optional required fields
  • CSS based layout & valid XHTML pages
  • Tons of ready-made blocks; or add your own!

BellaBlocks Resources

Extra blocks and miscellaneous decorations for your BellaBlocks.

Extra Blocks

Right-click and save to your blocks folder (for use with BellaBlocks only; ask the artist’s permission for anything else)

Manda’s blocks:
earth block magic8 block moo block rubiks cube block usa block

Amber’s blocks:
bee block ninja block die block giraffe block blinky block pinky block inky block clyde block

Diane’s blocks:
alien block spongebob block gift block invisible block rubiks cube 2 block cage block marshmallow block oreo block

Louise’s blocks:
tree block house block lantern block alien block blue glass block cherry pie block chocolate pie block weighted companion cube block

Mimi’s blocks:
butt block

Credit and Thanks

BellaBlocks wouldn’t be fit for release without the help of the following people: